July 8, 2022

Saint Gregory Grassi

Saint Gregory Grassi and Companions

Among the 120 Chinese martyrs canonized in 2000 were Saint Gregory Grassi and companions. Victims of political maneuverings by other countries these Franciscan men and women, along with lay men and women, gave their lives in service of the Chinese ...
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Survivor of monastery shooting says answer to violence is ‘love’

“God forgive me, I hope he’s in heaven,” Benedictine Father Kenneth Reichert said about the man who entered Conception Abbey 20 years ago, pointed a semi-automatic MAK-90 rifle at him and fired twice.
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Being of Service

God didn’t put us here to fix, but just to be there. Practice presence with a friend or a family member today. Focus on what they're saying and not on how you’re going to respond.
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