June 16, 2022

Statue of Saint Join Francis Regis

Saint John Francis Regis

Known for his long hours of prayer and notable ability to communicate, John Francis Regis served the people of France during a “dry” period, when the faith and the Church seemed in decline. He conducted missions to counteract the malaise.
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DACA demonstration

As DACA marks 10th anniversary, recipients voice frustration over inaction

Standing outside the U.S. Capitol pleading with lawmakers to grant her and her peers a path toward citizenship is not how Zuleyma Barajas pictured her life 10 years after she was granted a temporary solution to remain in the U.S.
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Basket of rustic loaves of bread

My Little is Enough

Jesus took the meager amount of fives loaves and two fish and turned it into overflowing abundance. He can and does the same thing with us; our little amount is always enough.
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Father Gabriel Emmanuel prepares the sanctuary for the "transitus"

Franciscan Beliefs, Spirituality, and Philosophy

Though we may not all formally profess to follow Francis of Assisi’s way of life, we can all cultivate Franciscan hearts.
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