May 25, 2022

Sunday Soundbite for May 29, 2022

Today we hear Luke's two versions of the Ascension of Jesus, one from his Gospel, the other from his Acts of the Apostles. As you might expect, the two accounts have some differences. These differences remind us that these accounts ...
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Reel Time with Sister Rose

Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP, reviews "The Bad Guys," "The Boys in Red Hats," and "The Tale of the King Crab" in our June/July issue!
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Pop Culture and ‘the Other’

Given the state of the world, as consumers of media, there's value in mindless entertainment. But we also can use these avenues to understand those who differ from us, who face challenges we cannot imagine.
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Voting Is a Pro-life Issue

Sister Anita Baird wants to make sure that every person's vote matters, especially those in the minority.
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Young Afghan refugee in the united states

Welcoming Afghan Refugees

Inspired by St. Francis, this author reaches beyond language and cultural differences to connect with Afghan refugees resettling in the United States.
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