May 9, 2022

Portrait of Saint John of Avila

Saint John of Avila

Saint John of Avila had some pretty impressive friends—Francis Borgia, Ignatius of Loyola, John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila—to name just a few. These saints, along with John, were all part of a reform of the Church in Spain. ...
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Academics consider fallout, motivations from Roe decision leak

The May 2 leaked draft of an opinion in the upcoming Supreme Court’s abortion decision demonstrates the use of normal partisan fighting tactics seen in the other branches of government on a regular basis.
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Image and graphic of Sister Sharon Havelak, OSF

Sister Sharon Havelak, OSF

“St. Francis is such a role model and is so important to our world today. The charisms that his life exemplified (poverty, contemplation, conversion, and minority) speak to me differently as I grow and change.”
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Image of Sister Mary Gemma Haris, TDR

Sister Mary Gemma Harris, TOR

Sister Mary Gemma found encouragement in St. Francis, whose “radical love for God always inspired me. He set aside so many of the good things of this world in order to love Jesus and follow him more closely.”
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Body and Spirit

For those who suffer from chronic illness, every day can be a challenge. Even the simplest tasks require a monumental effort. If you suffer in body, know that God is with you in spirit. If you're well, share this prayer ...
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