February 24, 2022

chapel of Blessed Luke Belludi

Blessed Luke Belludi

Was Blessed Luke Belludi just at the right place at the right time, or was there something more at work in his happening to meet Saint Anthony and become his protégé? We would all agree that this is how the Lord works─through convenient happenstances.

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Pope calls for day of prayer, fasting for peace in Ukraine

As the threat of war loomed over the world, Pope Francis called on people to pray and fast for peace in Ukraine on Ash Wednesday.

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If Only There Were 30 Hours in a Day

It seems that our days are getting busier and busier, with to-do lists that are longer and longer. Today pick out three things that matter most to God and be sure they get done. Cut yourself some slack on the rest.

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Learning to Live Poorer: A Meditation for Lent

“If we want to be at peace,” Wendell Berry writes, “we will have to waste less, spend less, use less, want less, need less.”

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Tending to Our Work

Work is an essential part of the human vocation, part of what it means to be incarnated with material needs in a material world.

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