February 23, 2022

Sunday Soundbite for February 27, 2022

Be creative in what you choose as external Lenten practices, but be certain they lead you to conversion in speech and action from a renewing heart.
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Engraving of Saint Polycarp

Saint Polycarp

Without knowing a whole lot about Saint Polycarp, he has entered into the life of the Church because he was a martyr--a witness to the faith with his life. That level of testimony to the faith is notable.
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Supreme Court to hear arguments on ‘Remain in Mexico’ immigration policy

The justices on the country's highest court have agreed to hear a case that could decide the fate of a Trump-era immigration policy that Biden administration officials have been trying to end.
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Faith and Family for February 27: Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week's readings, says Father Greg Friedman, can be a good tool to help you plan your upcoming Lenten practices.
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Stir Our Hearts with Nearness

When Francis of Assisi was blind, ill, and on his deathbed, he wrote his famous “Canticle of the Creatures.” What if we allowed the Incarnation to stir our hearts as it did for Francis, even when we feel lost or ...
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