February 17, 2022

Painting of the Seven Founders of the Servite Order

Seven Founders of the Servite Order

Rather than just talk about the problems of the day, the Seven Founders of the Servite Order did something about it─they consciously left all and formed a new religious congregation to address the issues. They put their money where their ...
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Third Lent in pandemic offers chance for spiritual reset, healing

Lent, the spiritual season of prayer and sacrifice, has an extra pull to it this year because once again—and now for the third time—it will be under the cloud of the coronavirus pandemic.
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St. Andrew’s Prayer

I can relate to St. Andrew—when the huge crowd of people had gathered, and there was nothing but a few fish and loaves of bread to be found, he fretted.
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Cleaning the Lens

We see through a glass dimly. An important part of spiritual practice, then, is “cleaning the lens”.
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