December 24, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for December 25, 2021

Our Christmas giving is meant to symbolize God’s generosity to us. As we give our gifts--large or small--let’s be grateful that the Father gave us the greatest gift of all.
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Fresco of Christmas at Greccio

Christmas at Greccio

Being a man who wanted to experience things with all of his senses, Saint Francis decided one Christmas to depict the birth of Jesus with live animals and real people. This “first crèche” was created in Greccio in 1223. Our ...
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Christmas: An Antidote to Discord

The birth of Jesus is the antidote to all of the discord we are carrying in our hearts. And it is a perfect moment for all of us to stop and reevaluate our role in the disagreements and disharmony we ...
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Christmas Eve: A Catholic Family Advent

The signs and bumper stickers that read “Jesus is the reason for the season” are absolutely right. All that we celebrate during this Christmas season began with that birth so many years ago in a manger in Bethlehem.
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Humbled and Hopeful

The greatest gifts don’t come in packages. Sometimes a call, a visit, or a simple text to a loved one is priceless. Share this prayer with somebody who needs a lift on Christmas Eve.
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