October 22, 2021

Vatican at COP26: Hearts, habits must change fast to care for creation

Even though Pope Francis will not attend the 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in person, the Vatican delegation and the Catholic Church will be “everywhere” during the two-week summit—from the highest-level private negotiations to the sidelines with grassroots “social action” and community-led events, said two delegates.

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What Is Systemic Racism? 

I’ve been hearing the term “systemic racism” used more and more lately, and I’m not sure if I agree with what I am hearing. Can you define what systemic racism is?

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Is the Timing Off? 

In praying the joyful mysteries of the rosary, I wonder about the timing of the events cited.

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Searching for Joy

There may not be a lot of things to laugh at or be joyful about these days. But it’s at these difficult moments that we should look for joy and laughter.

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The Catholic Saints and Us

The saints are our friends, our companions, and our guides along the faith journey.

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