October 11, 2021

Pope warns synod could be ‘elitist’ unless all have a voice

While a Synod of Bishops is not a parliament and its preparatory process is not "an opinion poll," Pope Francis insisted that involving as many people as possible in the process and prayerfully listening to all of them is the ...
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Stepping Outside my Comfort Zone

Travel has played a pivotal role in my life, opening my eyes to both the beauties and challenges in the world and bursting the bubble of my comfort zone.
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A Different Generational Perspective

I’ve lived in two centuries, four decades, and two millennia, and I’m only 22 years old. Having been born in the year 1999 has made my life full of interesting assumptions.
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Sealed with a Prayer

Creator of Eden, return us to a land of harmony. Bless us as we try to be good citizens. Help us respect the rights of all our neighbors.
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