August 25, 2021

Wearing a Tau Cross 

Am I allowed to wear a Tau cross? Can I wear it with knots? Because I have not taken the same vows, I’m not sure if it’s proper for me to wear the knots. 
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Faith and Family for August 29: Tradition of the Elders

In this week's Gospel, after the Pharisees criticize the disciples for eating with unclean hands, Jesus calls them hypocrites for following human traditions rather than God's commandment.
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One person resting their head on another person

Living through Anxious Times

Struggling with depression and anxiety is not a reality one can just pray away. It is important to know that we can always seek help—medical, therapeutic, and spiritual.
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man holdig flag

Let Us Pray: An Interfaith Prayer for 9/11

As we honor the spiritual expression of others, we often find more mercy in our hearts.
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Louis of France: A Saintly King

To care for his people, Louis built cathedrals, churches, libraries, hospitals, and orphanages. He hoped to be treated the same way by the “King of Kings,” to whom he gave his life.
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