August 25, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for August 29, 2021

There is a place for law and for structure within our lives as Christians. But we must always keep the purpose in mind--centered on the person of Jesus Christ and his law of love.
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Cupich: Turn grief over officer’s death into helping community

Hundreds of police officers and other first responders were on hand at St. Rita of Cascia Shrine Chapel the morning of Aug. 19 to pay final respects to Chicago Police Officer Ella French, who was killed in the line of ...
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Open text in a church

Celebrating the Mass in Latin 

The other day at Mass, someone told me that the pope has said that priests can no longer celebrate Mass in Latin. Is that true?
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Jews and the Death Penalty

The Jewish leaders brought Jesus before Pilate because they said their law would not allow them to put anyone to death. However, earlier in the same Gospel, they were planning to stone a woman caught in adultery. Wasn’t this a ...
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Salvation for Extraterrestrials?  

Did Jesus visit them also and die again on the cross to free them from sin? I don’t know what we should believe about UFOs and life on other planets.
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