February 26, 2021

Biden reverses policy barring green-card applicants from entering U.S.

President Joe Biden announced Feb. 24 a reversal of a 2020 proclamation by the Trump administration that sought to keep those applying for permanent residency cards, popularly known as green cards, out of the country because of the pandemic.
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Was St. Joseph a Virgin?

Eucharistic Prayer I refers to Mary, the mother of Jesus, as “ever virgin” but does not use the same expression for St. Joseph. Why?
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What Is the Meaning of the Tau Cross?

Why do Franciscans so often wear a Tau cross or use it in their artwork? Also, compared to the crosses we usually see, why doesn’t it have a top part?
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Quick Questions and Answers

I would like a priest or layperson to recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy beside me as I am dying. Is this a vital preparation for one’s soul to enter heaven?
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Person with a bird eating out of their hand

Letting Go

Sometimes we imagine life going a certain way for us. However, sometimes God has a different plan. Let go of the life you imagined for the life God has ready for you.
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Lent with St. Francis: Taming the Wolf

Jesus and Francis both know that often the evil that we see and hate in others reflects some shadowy part of our own attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors.
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