November 30, 2020

Dear Reader: Endings and Beginnings

This has been a difficult year, for sure. But in the birth of Christ, we celebrate the arrival of the hope we long for right now. All of us at Franciscan Media wish you a very blessed Christmas and New Year.

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Lithograph of Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew was Saint Peter’s brother, and was called by Jesus along with Peter. We know very little about Andrew except that he too was a fisherman, and a disciple of Saint John the Baptist.

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Pope creates 13 new cardinals, including Washington archbishop

One by one 11 senior churchmen, including two U.S. citizens — Cardinals Wilton D. Gregory of Washington and Silvano M. Tomasi, a former Vatican diplomat — knelt before Pope Francis to receive their red hats, a cardinal’s ring and a scroll formally declaring their new status and assigning them a “titular” church in Rome.

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Who Assigns Patron Saints?

How is the patron saint of an occupation, a country, or a group of people decided? Specifically, how did St. Nicholas come to be the patron saint of brides, grooms, children, bakers, and pawnbrokers?

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Why We Should Pray the Rosary

Both my children, graduates of Catholic schools, are studying the Bible and want to know where it says that we should to pray the rosary to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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The History of the 'Patroness of the Americas'

When and by whom was Our Lady of Guadalupe declared “Patroness of the Americas”?

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