November 30, 2020

A New Take on ‘Silent Night’

I often find myself rolling my eyes a bit whenever I hear the Christmas song “Silent Night” during this time of year. You see, silent nights have been very few and far between in our house for the past 21 years—ever since we brought our oldest daughter, Maddie, home from the hospital.

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A Prayer for Extending Forgiveness

When we are wronged, offering forgiveness is not often our natural response. Yet God asks us to forgive not for empty piety, but to help our souls heal. May this prayer aid you in the work of your heart.

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Advent: A Season of Surprises

Turn down the volume this season. Tune in to what’s coming.

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St. Andrew: Pray for Us

He was among the first to be drawn to the young rabbi. Andrew and another of John the Baptist’s disciples heard John refer to Jesus as “the Lamb of God,” and began following him.

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