October 26, 2020

Painting of Saint Peter of Alcantara

Saint Peter of Alcantara

Saint Peter of Alcantara lived in the 16th century, a time of great Church reform. He was confessor for Saint Teresa of Avila, another great reformer. Peter was known for his life of penitence and the virtue of patience. He ...
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Pope announces new cardinals, including U.S. Archbishop Gregory

Pope Francis announced he will create 13 new cardinals Nov. 28, including Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory of Washington.
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Saint Who? Perpetua and Felicity

Felicity and Perpetua were North African women martyred very early in the third century.
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The Story and the Rest of the Story

The Gospel writer Luke, who we know as a disciple of St. Paul drew on St. Mark’s Gospel for his own version of the story of Jesus’ life on earth.
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