October 21, 2020

Sunday Soundbite for October 25, 2020

God’s law is full of the compassion of God. It tells me that my conduct toward people who are vulnerable because of any human need must be tempered by recalling my own human condition.

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Statue of Saint Hilarion

Saint Hilarion

The life of a hermit living in the desert strikes many people as mysterious, if not inexplicable. Yet this is what Saint Hilarion, and many others, sought and hoped for and, in some cases, fought for. They teach the value of solitude and prayer to our noisy and busy world.

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Pope, religious leaders pray for peace, greater care for one another

The only way to end war and ensure humanity’s survival is “through encounter and negotiation, setting aside our conflicts and pursuing reconciliation, moderating the language of politics and propaganda, and developing true paths of peace,” Pope Francis said.

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Faith and Family for October 25: The Greatest Commandment

This week’s Gospel teaches us about the greatest commandment of them all–to love one another.

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Don't Lose Sight of What Matters

Amid all the disaster and distress

that wheels around and swirls within us in chaotic times,

there are also always marvels to behold.

Let neither fear nor preoccupation

keep you from being touched

by wonderfully wounded life.

May you find a way in every day,

to share your great-fullness

for all that touches your eyes.

May you refuse to be crushed

but rather, look lovingly upon all with tear-washed eyes,

trained on woundedness, straining for wonder.

As you savor the sweet brevity of your days,

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