May 20, 2020

Thank You, Sister Rose

Sister Rose is celebrating 15 years with this magazine as the author of "Reel Time, " and I've had the privilege of working with her as the editor of that column. In those years, I've learned that her gracious demeanor ...
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Celebration of Body and Soul

When I run, there is always a celebration of the body and soul. One reason is this: I run in sacramental environments, where there is a physical and spiritual poetry to my surroundings.
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Prophet of Peace: Elias Chacour

"My peace is my gift to you, " Jesus said to his followers. But this Easter the land where Jesus once walked, the land of today's Israelis and Palestinians, is anything but peaceful. In this exclusive St. Anthony Messenger interview, ...
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Voice of the Faithful: ‘Keep the Faith, Change the Church’

When Suzy Nauman first saw the TV image of a lone protester outside Boston's Holy Cross Cathedral in February 2002, she was moved to compassion and action. The man, Steve Lynch, claimed he had been abused as an altar boy ...
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When I Grow Up…

As Catholic parents, we play an important role as models and primary educators in the faith for our children. Just as we guide and nurture them spiritually as they grow, we do the same for their personal development as well. ...
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