May 20, 2020

Praying with Mary

The life of Mary, mother of the Word of God, can show us how to read the Bible in a personal, prayerful and transforming manner. This way of listening to God’s word in Scripture is traditionally called lectio divina, an ancient practice by which prayerful listening to the text leads to a transforming encounter with God.

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Brother Al and the Canticle Café

As the winter winds blow across Detroit again this year, Brother Al and friends will build those relationships, serving food and drink from their carts, bringing warmth, inside and out, to everyone along the way.

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Living the Season of Lent: A Mom Reflects

At first it was a bit overwhelming to think of how much our lives were going to change with a new baby. But then we realized that this provided us with a good opportunity to stop and assess where we were in our lives and what this new addition meant for our family.

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Born in a Barn

Like every family—like the human family—all of them are a little wounded. We are a little chipped or cracked, held together and shored up by those who care for us, but we all journey to Bethlehem hoping for healing.

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Franciscan Inspirations: St. Joseph

Next to Mary, the mother of Jesus, there was no one closer to Jesus than Joseph, the spouse of Mary and the carpenter of Nazareth.

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Elizabeth Ann Seton: Pioneer Saint of a Young Nation

It was exactly three quarters of the way into the 20th century before the United States could claim its first native-born saint: Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton. It was—she was—well worth the wait.

On the eve of the American Revolution the wealthy and distinguished Episcopalian Bayley family from New York welcomed Elizabeth into the world. It was 1774. Elizabeth’s physician-father, William, quickly bonded with the child who shared his hunger for learning and inherited his humanitarian instincts.

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