May 10, 2020

Sunday Soundbite for May 10, 2020

We need to know the Holy Spirit–Christ’s gift to the Church–is present to teach us what’s needed today and unite us to Christ.

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Should We Ban Guns?

I know the arguments against gun controlÑcities with strict gun laws actually have more crime, and anyway, the Second Amendment of the US Constitution gives us the “right to bear arms. “

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Psalm 22: ‘My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?’

Each year during Holy Week we Christians stand once again near the cross and hear Jesus’ cry anew. Unlike those described in the Gospel, though, we know exactly what he said and we recognize it as the opening verse of Psalm 22.

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Seven Things Catholics Should Know about Divorce

Divorced Catholics long for understanding and acceptance. Here’s how the Church can help.

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Learning from Saint Teresa of Calcutta

When she was declared a saint, did Mother Teresa strut around heaven and rub it in that she has been officially recognized whereas most of the other souls there have not? Unlikely. We formally recognize saints not for their benefit, but for ours.

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Saint Joan of Arc’s Message for Today

Was she inspired? Was she mentally ill? Does her example of armed resistance have anything to say to Americans mired in unrest? What does a 19-year-old who lived from 1412 to 1431 have to teach us?

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