March 27, 2020

Culture: Film Reviews

The Call of the Wild Set in the 1890s, the film centers on Buck, a large St. Bernard-Scotch Collie mix, who has the run of his owner's mansion in Santa Clara, California. The excitement for the Yukon gold rush is ...
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Forgive an Adulterous Husband?

Is it wrong to divorce a husband who commits adultery? My husband and I were married in the Catholic Church almost 30 years ago. Several years ago he committed adultery, and the pain still remains with me. I have tried ...
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Quick Questions and Answers

What governs whether we stand or kneel when receiving holy Communion? The biggest factor should be safety. While distributing Communion, I have seen a person who kneels abruptly almost trip the unsuspecting next person in line. Kneeling is not necessarily ...
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carving a design into a candle

Praised Bee: Marklin Candles

This month, parishes across the country will light their paschal candles before the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday. Chances are, some of them were made by this self-taught candlemaker.
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Jewish star candle

Editorial: A Legacy of Hate

We cannot rewrite history—though it is our duty to learn from it.
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Photo of a rock and a tomb

Who Was the ‘Beloved Disciple ‘?

In the Gospel of John, "the disciple whom Jesus loved " is at the foot of the cross (19:26) and is entrusted with caring for the mother of Jesus (19:27). Who is this disciple and what makes him more loved ...
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