January 29, 2020

Why Israel?

Our Bible study group is reading the prophet Hosea. Someone asked, "Why did God choose Israel to be the chosen people? "
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Quick Questions and Answers

Why did God permit Jacob to trick Isaac into giving him Esau's birthright?
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Father Ruskin Piedra

‘I Was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me’: Father Ruskin Piedra

Filled with passion and energy, 85-year-old Father Ruskin Piedra works tirelessly to support and defend the immigrant community in his Brooklyn parish.
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Editorial: Lent with a Shade of Green

We humans tend to compartmentalize just about every aspect of our lives, from what we do in mundane daily rituals to how we engage with entire holy seasons. There's comfort in routine, to be certain. The cycle of holidays, holy ...
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Film Reviews with Sister Rose

This engaging drama, from director Fernando Meirelles and screenwriter Anthony McCarten, imagines the papacy of the Roman Catholic Church as never before.
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Statue in a church

Franciscan or Roman Catholic?

I like what I read in St. Anthony Messenger and enjoy other products from Franciscan Media. One question keeps coming back to me: Are you Franciscan or Roman Catholic? I ask this because these days I feel much closer to ...
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