September 25, 2017

Meet the Famous Franciscan Saints

Each of the Franciscan Saints is a living Gospel. They have all, in some partial way, embodied—literally incarnated—the challenge of faith in their time and place, and so opened a path that others might follow. Here we’ll look at some of their lives. But among them all, undoubtedly, St. Francis of Assisi offers a special case, one that we’ll look at in some detail before speaking of his followers.

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Ron Hall’s Hollywood Redemption

One’s first impression of Ron Hall is that this Texas-born art-dealer-turned-film-producer has a ready smile and seems always on the verge of laughter. It only takes a couple of minutes while visiting the set of the new film Same Kind of Different As Me in Jackson, Mississippi, to learn that Hall is willing to tell on himself. He jokingly explains to St. Anthony Messenger that it’s a miracle he’s alive.

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Turn to God

Pope Francis reminds us that we must turn not to worldly responses in the face of fear—to consumerism, violence, self-centeredness—but instead turn to a strong personal experience of Christ in the Spirit. Like the disciples on a boat during the storm, we too will find ourselves afraid and confused in this life. But may we reach not for the fear-mongering mentality of worldly wisdom and politics and instead reach out to Christ who shows us the way through the fear toward life and courage.

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