June 22, 2017

Understanding the Term ‘Born Again’

Q. The term born again has become very popular among many Christians now, but I am not sure of its meaning. I suspect that it is misused or misunderstood by many people who proudly use it. Also, we read in ...
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hand on a grave

Will My Husband Know Me in Heaven?

I believe and hope to be with my loved ones someday in heaven. Will my husband, who died almost two years ago, know me and still love me? How will he look? If I have hurt anyone in my lifetime, ...
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Does Prayer Change Things?

I understand that if I pray for someone, that action affects me and how I deal with that person and perhaps others. All our lives, Catholics are geared to praying for others, but what we do after that praying is ...
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Rising from Rock Bottom

Mark Tompkins was cruising down Interstate 10 in San Antonio, Texas, on his motorcycle in March 2014. A doctor specializing in foot and ankle problems, he cut out shortly before noon after seeing patients and examining their charts.
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Reel Time

The Dinner Paul (Steve Coogan), a high school history teacher, hesitates about going to dinner with his wife, Claire (Laura Linney), his brother, Congressman Stan Lohman (Richard Gere), and Stan's wife, Katelyn (Rebecca Hall). Claire convinces him to go, unaware ...
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Person reading an open Bible

The Bible and Beyond

Yes, God speaks to us in Scripture, but also through life’s experiences.
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