April 24, 2017

Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary

Who Wrote the Memorare?

I have read that St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1091–1153) wrote the Memorare, but I have also read that it came later. Which is it? The text ( "Remember, O most gracious virgin Mary, . . . ") is the shortened ...
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Why Does God Make the Devil So Powerful?

If God created the angel Lucifer, who failed God through pride, why didn't God simply dump him in hell instead of allowing him to torment and wreck so many human lives? Isn't God more powerful than Satan? I have heard ...
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Editor’s Minute

People love this column so much that they're asking for more. Oh, that it were true! Nonetheless, more is coming. Some people actually have said this kind of Backstory message from the St. Anthony Messenger editor in chief would be ...
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A Catholic Mom Speaks

The Blessings of Being Busy The other day, someone looked at my planner and said, "Man, you're busy. " She was absolutely right. On Mondays and Wednesdays, my daughter Riley has dance practice. Every day after school, my son, Alex, ...
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man hiking in mountains

Life Lessons along the Appalachian Trail

The quiet of the woods was a voice he couldn’t resist.
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Baseball’s Ed Lucas

You might not think a blind person could be a sports broadcaster, but this man won an Emmy doing it.
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