Virgin Mary

statue of praying Mary

Mary’s Feminine Force

John realizes she is not just a tool, a means for God to become human. She is herself a feminine force in the cosmos of his visions.
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wooden figurines of Mary and Jesus

What It Means to Love

Love means helping those who need us, even when we ourselves might be in need.
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old painting of Mary and baby Jesus

Mary’s Spiritual Motherhood

Christ came among us as God and man by means of a human birth through Mary, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.
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the word yes sprayed graffiti on a wall

Mary’s Yes

She is remembering now what she has stored up in her heart all these years. It began the first time she experienced the Light that is God.
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person watching sunset over cloudy mountains

Our Hearts Find Mary

What know about her is a lot, considering how little we know of Mary from Scripture itself.
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Angel kneeling before Mary at the annunciation

The Humble Handmaiden

Mary offers to share with us her graces, her love, and her mystery, symbolized in the roses adorning her halo.
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