floor mat with the words "be our guest" and a pair of shoes

Prepare a Guest Room for Me

“Please prepare a guest room for me.” I like to think that Philemon and Apphia were joyful at the thought of Paul visiting them and would have happily prepared a room for him.
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solitary red cabin

Hospitality Everywhere

Reflect  For St. Francis, hospitality was an essential component of faith. Today, think about your definition of “hospitality”.  Pray As I go about my day,passing strangers–at my appointments, running ordinary errands–help me really seehow much I am like every other ...
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homeless man sitting on sidewalk

Welcoming Sinners

Reflect Jesus was known for his relationships with sinners, persons at the margins of society due to their employment, health condition, ethnicity, or lifestyle. Following Jesus, I transcend my judgments and the mores of society to see the holiness in ...
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Turquoise door open to the outdoors

Sacred Hospitality

Reflect Offering hospitality is sacred. To open the door and greet others with warmth, to provide food and drink, to listen and share time: Each act is a way that we connect with the divine. As Scripture says, when we ...
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