boy jumping of dock into lake

Take Courage

Strive to be an encouraging friend, with full knowledge that God is in the situation and will make all work in his favor in some way.
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man hiding behind book

Hidden in Christ

Colossians 3:3 suggests that when we die to ourselves and set our minds on things above, our lives become “hidden with Christ in God.”
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cave with light filtering in

Have Courage

Reflect The difference between courage and brashness is wisdom.  The fool may go into challenges with gusto but will fail.  Courage does not mean a lack of fear. Courage is moving forward despite fear. Christian courage means trusting that the ...
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red haired woman on bench by the sea

Everyday Courage

Reflect When we think about having courage, we usually imagine extraordinary circumstances and heroic acts of bravery. But for most of us, living courageously is a matter of choosing it with quiet resolution day after day. Pray God who sustains ...
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