Sunday Soundbite for May 30, 2021

Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

Cycle B
May 30, 2021

It begins with a doctrine, but ends with intimacy. Hello, I’m Franciscan Father Greg Friedman with the Sunday Soundbite for the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity.

Most Catholics can recite the doctrine of the Trinity: three distinct and equal divine persons, yet one God. That statement hints at the mystery contained in the truth. Trying to explain or even understand it fully is impossible. However, today’s Scriptures place us squarely in the midst of the mystery. If we listen with our hearts we end up with a very personal portrait of God.

In our First Reading from the experience of the Exodus, we hear Moses recalling—with a note of pride—some of the great things God did for the people. Proudly Moses asks: Did anything like this happen before? Has any other nation had such an experience of divine power?

A personal God who intervenes on behalf of the people with deeds of power. That relationship becomes intimate as St. Paul tells us in the Second Reading: We’ve been “adopted” by God through the power of the Holy Spirit. We share the suffering and the glory of Jesus Christ. The Good News of today’s Gospel is that Jesus is Emmanuel–“God with us”–and that intimacy continues “until the end of the ages.”

Invited into the intimacy hidden in the mystery of the Trinity, we can only respond with a heartfelt “Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

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