Sharing the Word for May 25, 2021

Tuesday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

May 25, 2021
Daily Reading From the USCCB: Mark 10:28-31

The rich young man went away sad because he couldn’t bring himself to let go of his wealth in order to follow Jesus.

Now Peter asks about riches from another perspective. “We have done what you asked that rich man to do. What are we going to get in return?” Jesus answers that the rewards of discipleship are beyond calculation. “No matter how much you have given up,” Jesus says, “you’ll get infinitely more in return.” The rewards of discipleship far surpass the sacrifices.

The lesson here seems to be that it’s no use trying to work a deal with God. Jesus calls us to be as generous as we can and to let God figure out how much he owes us in return.

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