Sunday Soundbite for March 21, 2021

Fifth Sunday in Lent

Cycle B
March 21, 2021

Archaeologists have unearthed thousands of stone tablets—surviving evidence of the life in the ancient Near East. This stone record gives us a glimpse of the cultures that are the background of the Bible. Hello, I’m Father Greg Friedman with the Sunday Soundbite for the Fifth Sunday of Lent.

Especially helpful to Biblical studies has been the record of covenants—agreements made between merchants, traders, or rulers in biblical times. By studying these business or legal relationships we can understand the religious concept of covenant–our Scriptural theme all through this Lent.

In today’s First Reading however, the prophet Jeremiah wants us to move from covenants recorded on stone to another kind of covenant. Jeremiah is thinking of the Ten Commandments, written on stone by God and given to Moses. Now God tells the prophet that henceforth the covenant will be written in the hearts of the people. They will know their God with the intimacy of a lover. They will respond from the heart.

Lent is about renewing our baptism. In baptism God has “written on our hearts” a personal, covenant relationship with Jesus Christ. In today’s Gospel Jesus refers to his own act of self-giving in the beautiful image of the grain of wheat which dies in order to allow new life to grow. In the same passage he invites his followers to imitate him in that selfless act of love. In these final weeks of Lent let’s seek to respond to that covenant invitation.

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