Sunday Soundbite for April 24, 2022

Second Sunday of Easter

Cycle C
April 24, 2022

“I’ll need to see some proof”–how often have you used that expression? Hello, I’m Franciscan Fr. Greg Friedman with the Sunday Soundbite for the Second Sunday of Easter. Most of us are quick to call for proof for anything out of the ordinary. We don’t want to be “taken in” by extravagant claims or scams.

So today’s Gospel–the story of “Doubting Thomas”–has a modern appeal. It sounds natural to us for Thomas to want to have his doubts answered with real proof. But Jesus praises those who believe without any physical proof. He calls such believers “blessed.”

This Easter story is specifically directed at us–those who would come to believe in Jesus down through the ages. We welcome the testimony of those who went before us: those who walked with Jesus after his resurrection and went on to witness to him throughout the world. We are part of a community of faith–a living legacy passed on from generation to generation, and often given at great cost, with personal sacrifice.

When we hear this Gospel proclaimed in a community of believers this Easter, we can take heart in the Lord’s words. And where my faith wavers, I can gain strength from the Holy Spirit at work in the midst of the community of faith.

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