Dear Reader: Celebrating the Feast of St. Francis

Of all the issues our staff puts together in a year, I think October might be my favorite. It’s because that issue gives us the perfect opportunity to highlight St. Francis, whose feast day is on October 4. Of course, we like to bring the message of St. Francis to you any chance we get, but this month seems even more appropriate. 

If you asked people what they think of when it comes to St. Francis, many will probably point to his love of nature and animals. But there are so many other aspects to Francis and his story. We want to bring those stories to you, as well as the way his followers today are continuing to live out his message. 

This month’s cover story reflects the way that Francis would preach to people in the town square. But this time, it’s done with a bit of a twist. Franciscan Fathers Casey Cole and Roberto “Tito” Serrano decided that Major League Baseball stadiums were the new town squares, so they embarked on an adventure to meet people and evangelize through their presence. You can read all about their summer tour.

The other articles in this month’s issue also touch on aspects of Francis’ life. For instance, the story of Francis and the wolf of Gubbio is reflected in the article “Sisters to Brother Wolf” in this issue. Also featured in October, Father Murray Bodo, OFM, writes on the beauty and power of St. Francis’ embrace of “Sister Death.” 

We hope you enjoy this celebration of St. Francis’ life and his ongoing ministry, which includes this magazine. 

Saint Anthony Messenger October 2022


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