Dear Reader: The Many Faces of Motherhood

This month we will be celebrating Mother’s Day amid an unprecedented and very unsettling time. As a mom, my first instinct is to protect my children from anything that could hurt them. What makes the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis even more unsettling, though, is all the unknowns. There is no medicine or vaccine I can give them for protection. There is no time line for when it will be over.

Even without this added challenge, Mother’s Day can be tricky for some. For as many women who will bask in their children’s love, there are others who will mourn this day due to the loss of a child or the longing for one. Others will face the day having lost their own mothers, myself included.

In this month’s issue, we address both Mother’s Day and the coronavirus pandemic in the spirit of bringing hope to all. In her article “Selfless Love: Adoption & Foster Care,” author Shannon Evans writes about the important and very needed ministry of parenting through adoption and caring for children in the foster care system.

And Father Mark Soehner, OFM, offers words of wisdom and comfort to deal with the health challenges currently facing the world. He reminds us to turn to Christ in our time of need. Let us also look to his mother to hold us in her loving embrace.

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