Fragrance-Free Masses

I have heard that 95 percent of modern fragrances harm a person’s mind and body. For some people, they can cause coughing, an asthmatic attack, tearing or burning eyes, and a spike in blood pressure. I no longer attend Mass in a Catholic church because of this threat to my health. I’m not the only woman, man, or child affected in this way! I think Masses and other church events should be fragrance-free.

I’m sorry for the distress this is causing you at church and presumably at stores, banks, movie theaters, and everywhere else that people gather. You are not the first person to raise this issue with me. I leave the science to others. The Catholic Church cannot simply ban perfume, cologne, or aftershave. It encourages their moderate use. Unfortunately, not everyone has good sense in this area. Perhaps attending the earliest Sunday morning Mass will lessen the likelihood of encountering this problem. Sitting close to an exit may also be advisable. I hope you can find a solution other than the one you have proposed.

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