Sharing the Word for November 14, 2022 – Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time – Year 2

Monday of the Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time

November 14, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Luke 18:35-43

This narrative about the blind man on the road to Jericho is about persistence and faith. The blind man calls for Jesus’ attention over and over again in spite of the surrounding crowd who want to silence him. Jesus finally turns his attention to the blind man and gives him what he’s asking for: the restoration of his sight.

Jesus tells the man that his faith–his confidence in Jesus’ power, his commitment to Jesus–have brought him what he was asking for.

We all have limitations and deficiencies to present to the Lord for his attention. Today’s narrative teaches us to bring our needs to the Lord persistently and confidently. Jesus will answer us if we keep calling out to him.

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