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Sharing the Word for June 1, 2023

Memorial of Saint Justin, Martyr

June 1, 2023
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Sirach 42:15-25

This reading is the wise man’s hymn of praise to God the Creator. First he gives his attention to the beauty and the majesty of creation. God’s glory fills all his works. Their marvels are indescribable even by the angels.

Next he speaks of God’s omniscience. God possesses all knowledge and sees the past and the future. There is nothing he does not understand. His wisdom is unchanging from all eternity.

A particularly important aspect of God’s creatures is their harmony. The needs of every creature are met. Each fits neatly into the place God has made for it. Their concord lasts forever.

It’s all good, Sirach says. Who can ever see enough of creation’s splendor? Which of us can be adequately grateful for it?

Pause and Pray

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