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Sharing the Word for July 12, 2021 – Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time – Year 1

Monday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

July 12, 2021
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Exodus 1:8-14, 22
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God chose Abraham for a special relationship with himself. He promised him offspring and prosperity. The Book of Genesis recounts the early years of God’s association with Abraham. They ended with Abraham’s offspring living in comfort in Egypt. God’s promises of prosperity and progeny had been fulfilled. God’s promises had been brought to conclusion once and for all.

But changes came. A new Pharaoh arose who did not remember the benefit that the Israelites had conferred on Egypt over the years. They were now disregarded, oppressed, despised.

Genesis recounted the earliest times of the Israelites’ history and their migration into Egypt. Exodus tells the story of their return to the land God had promised them. God is always busy–always caring for his people.

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