Sharing the Word for February 25, 2022

Friday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

February 25, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Mark 10:1-12

Mark tells us of Jesus’ answer to the Pharisees’ question about divorce. He’s very clear that marriage is for keeps. At the same time, the Gospel helps us realize that Jesus knew firsthand of the weakness and woundedness of men and women. He never rejected anyone simply for failure. Just consider the sins of Jesus’ own hand-picked apostles, and his redeeming words to Dismas, the thief on the cross.

Marriage is truly a vocation that presents to each partner a life of great joy and happiness. But there are also times and maybe years that require great sacrifice and forbearance. Society may often suggest that any struggle or difficulty should not be tolerated. Suffering, it says, is beneath man and should be avoided. Suffering is a sign of weakness or inadequacy.

There is no question that marriage is really the most significant decision anyone can make. It also reminds young people seeking to marry that they should spend significant time in preparation and growing knowledge of their future husband or wife so that their decision is truly made with full intention and commitment.

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