Sharing the Word for December 30, 2020

Wednesday of the Octave of Christmas

December 30, 2020
Daily reading from the USCCB: 1 John 2:12-17

The author wants to be clear about the addressees of his reflections. He’s writing for people at different stages of life who have experienced forgiveness of sin and knowledge of Christ.

He is speaking to “children”–those who are not yet fully mature but who have experienced the Father and been freed from sin. He addresses “fathers”–the spiritually mature whose knowledge of God is secure. He addresses “young men”–the spiritually proficient who have overcome evil. He warns all of them to beware of the dangers of the world with its passions and pretentiousness.

Living in Christ, walking in his light, avoiding the attractions of the world is a complex and demanding adventure. It was so at the beginning and still is today.

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