Sharing the Word for April 19, 2023

Wednesday of the Second Week of Easter

April 19, 2023
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Acts 5:17-26

The authorities didn’t know what to do with the apostles, and had told them to stop teaching about Jesus. The apostles continue to teach about Jesus anyway. Now they’re in trouble again. But the jail won’t hold them and the people are fascinated by them.

Why were the leaders so opposed to the apostles’ teaching about Jesus? Luke says they were filled with jealousy. These uneducated followers of Jesus were leading people away from them–their official leaders. In addition they probably thought that the message of Jesus was beyond belief, simply too good to be true.

Still today people find the gospel of Jesus beyond belief. Yet it’s the message of truth–a message in which there is salvation for us all.

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