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Unanswered Prayer

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I have sat with many people of faith struggling to understand why a prayer went unanswered. Perhaps a loved one died from prolonged illness. Perhaps a loved one did not divert from a self-destructive path. Perhaps an undertaking ended in failure. In trying to discern the reasons for a prayer going unanswered, some are angry. Others judge their prayer as inadequate. Sadly, some even give up on prayer.

Unanswered prayers challenge our beliefs about what prayer can do in our lives and challenge our understanding of God’s will for us. For all of us, unanswered prayer is a part of the spiritual journey.


Lord, when my prayer does not
lead to the outcome for which I hoped,
help me to let go and trust
that Your way is the way of wisdom
and that we humans do not
always discern what is best.


Spend some time writing in your journal about how you have dealt with unanswered prayers.

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5 thoughts on “Unanswered Prayer”

  1. God answers all prayers. He may yes, He may say no, or not now. Parents say the same thing their children.

    God has his plan, we have our plan, sometimes they are different. Gods plan always work. Mine, not so much.

    Thine will not mine be done.

  2. When I pray, I never ask for anything because I don’t think such a thing would even occur. What for? Instead, I just pray because I think praying is fun. I already have everything I need. I don’t need much, although I could use another hot tub.

  3. Who said a prayer had to involve an answer? Prayer can be a conversation with God. Just talking to Him about your fears, your blessings,your life with Him but most of all just a conversation acknowledging His presence.

  4. People use GOD as a genie. Sometimes the things people pray for their equip to do it themselves and the blame GOD for their short comings. GOD say no, he say yes, and it sometimes not yet. He answers are you listening, or your not accepting the answer so you say it’s unanswered.

  5. I agree that prayer is a conversation with God as stated before me. You cannot expect God to answer all your wants, needs maybe but your friendship with God must work both ways. Thus, you must do something God wants in return.
    But when God blesses you with a favourable outcome, show gratitude to everyone involved. Sometimes I think we are not grateful enough. Amen!

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