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Eyes to See With

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Certainly, healthy vision is valuable, helping us to remain safe, attentive, alert, and responsive. With the help of our eyes, we take in the wonders of God’s creation and respond to our neighbors in need.


God of Vision and Light,
Your designs are wonderful and perfect!
Some of have been gifted with excellent eyesight.
Some of us need assistance to see,
and some of us cannot see at all.
We pray for those with impaired vision and eye diseases
and for those without sight.
We also pray for those who care for them,
such as optometrists and ophthalmologists.
Thank you for the gifts we have
and for those who tend to me.


No matter the condition of your eyes, God is tending to you. Pause and consider how eyesight—or your struggles with it—help you to know and connect with God. Say a prayer of gratitude for what you have, and ask for the ability to adapt to changes in your vision. If your vision is not impaired, how can you assist those who cannot see clearly?

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