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True Security

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Jesus tells the story of two men—one builds his house on a rock, the other on sand. One house survives; the other collapses. Jesus’ story reminds us to ground our lives in what is enduring and not the temporary and superficial. Trusting God gives us true security and courage to face challenges of mind, body, spirit, and relationships. The storms will come, and we will not only endure but flourish as God’s beloved companions.


Precious God, take my hand, 
Guide my feet,
Let me stand.
Let me trust you in all the seasons of life,
And in trusting you 
Find peace and courage
And love to share with others.


Pause to reflect on what gives you strength, power, and health. Endeavor to put your trust in relationships that endure, most especially your relationship with God. Look for ways to support persons dealing with crises and reversals.

Gather the Fragments

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  1. Mary Ann Young

    Right now I am dealing with some test results which need me to make changes in my life and diet. I feel frustrated because I can’t get answers from the doctors as to what I should do. Reading this helps me let go and turn to God for help.

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