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Time for a Reality Check

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Some like to manipulate words in the Bible to make certain passages suit their personal desires. Slaveholders used to reference the story of Ham (Genesis 10:18–27) to justify slavery. The reality is that we must strive to take a good look at ourselves and treat each other as God wants us to.


Oh Lord,
Please let me see my actions with clear eyes.
Let me see my faults;
prompt me to admit and correct them.
Help me to love others out of reverence for you.
Let me understand the healthiest way to love my neighbor—
without acting superior,
and without letting others trample upon me.


Do a quick tally in your head. Are there any people in your life whom you might treat with less dignity than they deserve? And, how many people do you tolerate too much from? If you see an imbalance, see if you can find ways to better treat others out of reverence for Christ.

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