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Plus Ultra,” the national motto of Spain, challenges the limitations we place on ourselves and God’s presence in our lives. There is more to the use of our gifts. There is more to what we can do to change the world. There is more to what God can do in our lives. Let us open to the “more” and expect great things from ourselves and great things from God.


God of possibility and adventure,
When we place limits on our gifts
And your presence in our lives,
Give a vision of something more—
A new horizon before us,
New possibilities to lure us forward,
New adventures, regardless of our age and physical condition.
Challenge us to expect great things from ourselves
And great things from you, Creative Companion,
When we open ourselves up to your loving power.


Reflect on limitations you have placed on God and yourself. Where do you stop when God tells you to go? Where do you say no when God says yes? Where do you place limitations on your love, creativity, and impact? Ask God to open your mind to new horizons and follow God’s guidance as you become God’s companion in healing the world.

Bruce Epperly

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