Pause + Pray

Surprised by Grace


Our minds often focus on the “big things” we are pushing toward, but each day is also an opportunity to enjoy and experience the “little things.” If we dare to savor these subtle reminders of God’s love and grace each day, they can help free us from what we idolize and from the anxiety that often consumes us. 


To be surprised by grace:
anxiety’s daily antidote,
subtle gifts
in a noisy world:

shadows cast upon a field at dawn,
as corn stalks glow
of morning gold;

gentle snoring
of a napping beagle,

slowly waking
to a loving hand;

forgotten song on the radio—
freedoms of the adolescent road;
strange wise squirrel in the window
responds to your strange tapping;
smells from the condo next door
reminiscent of family cookouts;
distant laughter in autumn air,
a reminder joy
was never lost.

God, open my eyes
to receive grace

in the vast mystery
of subtlety.


Take note of the subtle moments today where grace surprises you. Remind yourself of these moments before you go to sleep and pray a simple prayer of gratitude for the “little things” that God opened your eyes to see.

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