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Speaking to the Angels

a woman giving a stranger direction by pointing


Social activist and mystic Dorothy Day said, “I speak to people as if they are angels.” Day saw the holiness in everyone she met, especially those whom society views as nobodies as a result of their poverty and homelessness. Day knew that she was entertaining angels unaware and that she needed to treat each person as if God’s light shines within them. Then they would know not only that their physical needs were met but more importantly they would know that they were loved.


God of ordinary miracles,
Your angels are everywhere.
Delivering the mail, taking children or grandchildren to school,
Driving ambulances and buses, playing in my backyard,
Houseless on the streets, and sitting in meditation.
There are angels and messengers of God everywhere,
Help me see the angelic in those around me and see the angelic in myself,
And let it come forth in joy and service.


Today, I look for the angels hiding all around me. I look for God’s messengers and messages in ordinary people. I speak with respect to everyone with whom I interact. Even if I need to assert myself in a personal or business matter, I speak the truth with love, seeking reconciliation rather than alienation. I give thanks for the many opportunities to share God’s love today.

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