July 9, 2024

A rescuer reacts at Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, July 8, 2024, after it was severely damaged during Russian missile strikes amid Russia's war on Ukraine. At least 31 were killed and over 135 injured as Russian bombers pummeled Kyiv and numerous other cities throughout the nation that day with more than 40 missiles and guided aerial bombs, with one striking the large children's hospital, where emergency crews searched the rubble for victims.

Shevchuk: Russian attack on Kyiv children’s hospital ‘a sin that cries out to heaven for revenge’

A July 8 attack by Russia on a children's hospital and other civilian targets throughout Ukraine is "a sin that cries out to heaven for revenge," said the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.
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a woman giving a stranger direction by pointing

Speaking to the Angels

Social activist and mystic Dorothy Day said, “I speak to people as if they are angels.” Day saw the holiness in everyone she met, especially those whom society views as nobodies as a result of their poverty and houselessness.
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A young poor woman sitting in the street in India

Poverty and Humility of Life

Maybe because Francis was not an intellectual he could perceive the mystery of God in its pristine beauty—the extraordinary divine in the ordinary human.
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