Pause + Pray

Rocks and Stones


Sometimes stones surface in the landscapeon the surface, or at the searching point of my spade. They weren’t there before, it seems. The earth is heaving, experts say. Is the earth throwing rocks at my efforts to keep things smooth and cultivated?


Lord, you are my rock, the psalmist has said.
I can lean on you and you will not fail me.
I may falter sometimes because not every rock sparkles.
Some are jagged.  Any rocks I see today
in nature, in difficult people,
in my path of progress
I will respect.
Some I may move.
Some may seem like obstacles.
Help me to deal gently with pea gravel
and with Everests.


I will carry a rock in my pocket today. Its weight, its edges will remind me to be centered on the Rock of My Salvation. I will not complain.

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